How to support people with a skin condition

How to support people with a skin condition

A recent survey carried out by QV Skincare revealed that 32% of people with a skin condition said that it had a negative impact on their personal relationships. 10% said that their skin made then feel very isolated.1  This is why we want to give those who don’t suffer with skin conditions some tips and advice for supporting a loved one or friend who are affected.


Have open discussions with your friends about how they’re feeling. Often half the battle is being able to verbalise an issue. By talking to them about it and letting them open up about their skin condition you will help empower them.


Skin conditions are often misunderstood, with people often thinking they’re contagious. The more you learn about the condition affecting your friend the more able you’ll be to give practical advice. If they’re not keen on talking about it consider doing your own research to better understand the condition.

Don’t avoid contact                         

Dermatitis and Eczema are not contagious so you’ve no reason to avoid handshakes or hugs. Again, being a hand to hold for them will help them feel more positive. 66%  of people questioned said that they felt embarrassed because of their skin1.[  If you can show that it doesn’t embarrass you, it’ll help them feel more positive too.


There are no cures for certain skin conditions and those who have them will endure flare-ups from time to time during their life. The small pieces of positivity coming from loved ones will be the things that will make it easier to cope. So be patient and understanding and most importantly, be a hand to hold.


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