A guide to help manage your eczema over the Easter

A guide to help manage your eczema over Easter

Having a skin condition such as eczema can be isolating at times. The Easter holidays will mean more social interactions, family gatherings and barbeques. Here are our top tips for helping to manage  your eczema during these times of increased social interaction.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that dry skin conditions affect people of all ages, be it young children1, manual workers2, teenagers1 or the elderly3. The key to managing your skin condition is knowing what emollients work for you and then keeping to a clear routine, day in, day out.

A routine of using emollients for both moisturising and cleansing the skin is vital in helping to relieve the discomfort caused by eczema4. This means applying moisturising creams like QV Cream or QV Intensive Ointment as part of your daily routine. Always wash your face, hands and body with a hydrating cleanser such as QV Gentle Wash or QV Bath Oil and apply a moisturiser such as QV Cream or QV Skin Lotion immediately afterwards.

When there are periods of time in which your skin is dry and sore, use QV Intensive Ointment. 

Using both the right moisturiser and cleanser will help you manage the ever-present itch-scratch cycle.


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Consumers using large quantities of any paraffin based product, such as QV Cream, QV Skin Lotion, QV Intensive Ointment and QV Bath Oil should regularly change clothing or bedding impregnated with the product and keep away from naked flames as there is a fire risk. Store below 300C.