Just believe you have the right to be happy - Eve’s story

Just believe you have the right to be happy - Eve’s story

As part of our A Hand to Hold campaign, we have been speaking to inspirational people who cope with a sensitive skin condition both physically and emotionally on a day-to-day basis. 

We’d like you to meet Eve Allen. Eve’s seven-year-old daughter Mollie has Ichthyosis - a condition which causes widespread and persistent thick, dry skin. The majority of people with the condition have inherited a faulty gene from their parent; this faulty gene results in the rate in which the skin regenerates being affected, thus causing a build-up of rough and scaly skin.[1]

Eve explained to us how her daughter was diagnosed at the age of six months, and therefore she has never known any different. Her skin makes her constantly itch and so, having a skin regime is a massive part of Mollie’s life to help her manage the condition. Her routine consists of a warm bath and using creams and emollients to help lock in moisture.

Sadly, Mollie has experienced bullying as a result of her condition being visible whereby people have commented on her skin. Eve explained how Mollie knows she is different and that people stare and look at her as her skin is always ‘flared-up.’

However, Eve described her daughter as being resilient and bubbly and wants to encourage her daughter and others to “just believe you have the right to be happy. Be yourself in the safety knowing you are loved.”

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