Why QV Skincare is one of the best ranges for sensitive skin

Why QV Skincare is one of the best ranges for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin has a reduced tolerance to cosmetics, personal care products and environmental triggers. It is easily irritated by soap, fragrance and other common irritants found in some skin products.

A good way to help relieve discomfort and manage flare-ups is to adopt a routine that uses emollients products such as moisturisers that help to repair and rehydrate the skin.1,2

Dermatologically tested, the QV range is a gentle, soap-free cleansing and moisturising range suitable for all ages and skin types.

Why is QV one of the best ranges for sensitive skin

Everything that goes into QV products has been carefully considered with dry and sensitive skin in mind, as common ingredients such as soap, colour and fragrance can be irritating to the skin.

QV is free from:

  • SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
  • Fragrance
  • Colour
  • Lanolin
  • Other common irritants

The QV range contains glycerin, a naturally occurring humectant that helps the skin to remain hydrated and helps to protect against irritation.3

Why is Glycerol in QV so effective

 Try our gentle products specifically developed for sensitive skin.

QV Skincare cleansers (QV Gentle Wash and QV Bath Oil) can be used to cleanse the skin as well as to maintain the skin’s moisture. Shop our cleansers here.

QV Skincare moisturisers (QV Cream, QV Skin Lotion and QV Intensive Ointment) can help to reduce water loss from the skin and maintain the skin’s barrier function, resulting in soft and supple skin. Shop our moisturisers here


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