The importance of keeping your hands clean

The importance of keeping your hands clean

As you'll be aware the need to keep your hands clean has never been greater. It is widely recognised as a key method to avoid infection.1

Did you also know repetitive cleansing can have a detrimental effect on your skin's health, especially to those with eczema?2 Soap tends to be alkaline and can remove the skins natural protection against infection.2
QV Gentle Wash contains 15% glycerol that will help to keep hands moisturised and soft at the same time as cleansing.  In addition, QV Gentle Wash is pH balanced. Avoiding highly alkaline products such as soap is key to supporting the skins barrier function and preserving the natural protective sebum layer.3

Non-soap cleansers such as QV Gentle Wash will clean your hands as effectively as traditional soaps and is the preferred choice of wash of Healthcare Professionals.4,5 It is used on hospital wards across the UK and is the most prescribed wash product in the UK.5

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