Our cleansers vs. soap or bubble bath

Our cleansers vs. soap or bubble bath

QV vs Soap

Most soaps dry the skin out and are therefore not ideal for eczema or dry skin sufferers1. Using an emollient-rich liquid cleanser, like QV Gentle Wash, helps to maintain the skins natural barrier function, offering better protection against dehydration.

Many soaps also contain the popular ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. SLS can cause contact dermatitis and aggravate eczema by breaking up the layer of oil that prevents skin from drying out2.  All QV products are free from SLS.

QV is a range of soap-free, dermatologically approved emollient cleansers and moisturisers specifically developed for sensitive skin. The QV range is suitable for use with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and a range of dry skin conditions.

QV vs Bubble Bath

The fragrances found in bubble bath can be skin allergens, irritants and photosensitizers3.

All QV products are fragrance-free to help protect sensitive skin from irritation. There are emollient bath products on the market that rest on the surface of water, effectively coating the skin as you get in and out of the bath. Unlike these, QV Bath Oil will fully disperse in water, which means your skin will be fully coated while you soak, offering long-lasting hydration.


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